Goodbye colonoscopy – hello to the capsule…

capsule to replace colonoscopy

Goodbye Colonoscopy? Exam Uses Capsule to Take Pictures of the Intestine

Anyone who has undergone a colonoscopy knows that it is a long and rather uncomfortable procedure. To prepare, many doctors advise the patients to undergo certain diet or fluid restrictions, often involving oral laxatives or limiting solid foods a few days prior to the test. The actual examination lasts for about 30–60 minutes, and the patient is usually on medications to help them relax during this time. The patient lies on his left side while the doctor anally inserts a long, flexible tube that goes through the colon and sends images of the lining to the doctor to check for abnormalities. 
The patient may feel cramping during this procedure, but all of this discomfort is necessary to ascertain whether abnormal growths or other issues are occurring internally and are causing abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, or other symptoms. [1]
As the medical field progresses, experts work on ways to improve procedures, to make them easier, quicker, and more comfortable for the patient. That time has come for colonoscopies. Forget the sedation and invasive insertion. All that this procedure entails is one large pill,  various sensors placed on the abdomen, which are then attached to a portable belt you wear over your shirt

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