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LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #234 – Messages Pt. 2

Originally posted on John's Space …..:
(Wind Kisses leads.) Elizabatz inspired me to post some murals and messages from Belfast, Ireland. Murals about ‘The Troubles’: ? ? The previous is in a lighter vein, as are these messages: Amen. “Message in a bottle, yeah Message in a bottle, yeah” …or on a wall. Elizabatz has…

Over The Garden Fence ~ News From The Crab Apple Fly-By

Originally posted on Tish Farrell:
Well, haven’t the birds tucked in well over the past few weeks. I have to say, though, I rather begrudge the number of pigeons who’ve come scoffing at our little Evereste tree. But still, the blackbirds have had their fair share too. Here’s how the tree looked in early October,…

With the light comes hope…..

Originally posted on My Life as an Artist (2):
Warm light flooding the courtyard steps in Olhao Portugal…..watercolour ‘Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible…(Helen Keller) As an artist, rather than just moving through the light, I observe its every nuance with great fascination and joy. As the seasons change, so does…

The Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File

 Stephanie Caruana 22Noteworthy is the complete absence in the Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File of any mention of Freemasonry. The Gemstone File papers contain several references to Freemasonry and the masonic affiliation of the author’s brother and father. Neither have yet to be confirmed to have been freemasons.ANTI-MASONRY REFUTEDANTI-MASONRY FAQGEMSTONE FILE.. The Skeleton Key toContinue reading “The Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File”

Geologist Julius Von Haast began NZ West Coast Expedition in 1863…

Search form Search Haast begins West Coast expedition 8 January 1863 View of Haast Pass, 1866 (Alexander Turnbull Library, A-149-011) In January 1863, geologist Julius von Haast led an expedition in search of an overland route from the east to the west coast of the South Island. He found a suitable route from theContinue reading “Geologist Julius Von Haast began NZ West Coast Expedition in 1863…”

The Black Triangle mystery in Britain… Since 1990 there have been over 4,000 sightings of what is known as the “flying triangle” or”Silent Vulcan” over British skies. In the early 90’s there were similar sightings over Belgium, France, Holland and Germany, with fighters sent up to intercept these craft. The British Govt. claimed the “Black triangle” UFO is a secretContinue reading “The Black Triangle mystery in Britain…”