Lying is ok yes? I mean, if you’re a political figure, lying is okay. If you lie to an insurance company, that’s okay as well yes? Then if you lie to the HMRC about your earnings, that’s okay? And your date of birth? And to your wife, kids, friends (if you have any left who still believe you). And through customs as well?
What the fucking hell is wrong with this godforsaken pile of rocks on the edge of the civilised world?

All morality has turned to shit, we’ve become a nasty racist, vindictive belligerent group of sordid liars and thieves. The sooner I leave it behind, the better I think. Power corrupts, of that there is no doubt. Money corrupts also; see Trump.
War corrupts even more, the poorest of the poor die, the richest survive and abuse those who are left. Those who are left get stronger until…

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Published by peter petterson

Father of four, grandfather of thirteen, and great-grandfather of eight. Resides in Taita, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. Living happily in retirement and enjoying the company of my many young descendants.

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