LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #174 – Shapes and Designs

Originally posted on John's Space …..:
Patti leads. For someone my age, to look straight overhead at the ceiling of the Sagrada Familia is a STRETCH. Oh the sacrifices, but I need the exercise. Stay well, stay safe, be weird and wonderful, be shapely and designed. ­čś▒­čśé Or whatever.

LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #174 – Shapes and Designs Pt. 2

Originally posted on John's Space …..:
Patti leads. Did some say Arabesque? That’s putting it mildly. Though Islamic design style is not the sole representation, it most typifies it. The ‘almost’ total absence of people and animals is described by Wikipedia: “Aniconism┬áis the avoidance of images of sentient beings in some forms of┬áIslamic art. Islamic…

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