Do you remember Barry Crump?

Barry Crump:  – Barry Crump MBE (15 May 1935 – 3 July 1996) was a New Zealand author of semi-autobiographical comic novels based on his image as a rugged outdoors man. Taken together his novels have sold more than a million copies domestically, equating to one book sold for every four New Zealanders. Crump’s 1986Continue reading “Do you remember Barry Crump?”

The Fourth Labour Government and the Destruction of the Welfare State

by ISO editor By Keith Davies Ever wonder about the days when universities were free and not run as a business? When the social welfare safety net was available to all that needed it and could sustain a decent living? When the government worked towards a goal of total employment, not enabling a system that requiresContinue reading “The Fourth Labour Government and the Destruction of the Welfare State”

Earliest childhood memories and what they indicate….

Originally posted on My Life as an Artist (2):
Having recently celebrated my 74th birthday, I find myself thinking a great deal about my journey through life, starting with my earliest childhood memory. An atmospheric sketch I made in Brittany France last May – watercolour/gouacheTen years ago I attended an Adlarian Workshop here in the UK.…

The truth about the proposed LAV sale and the Skyhawks controversy…

Opinion: by Peter Petterson Acknowledgements of Stuff reporting: The NZ Defence Force is apparently battling to find a buyer/s for its controversial LAVs (NZ Light Armoured Vehicles). The fifth Labour Govt bought 105 LAVS from General Dynamics of Canada for $653 million in 2001. They entered service in the NZ Army in 2003. They mayContinue reading “The truth about the proposed LAV sale and the Skyhawks controversy…”

First day of competition at Christchurch Commonwealth Games in 1974

Dick Tayler collapses on the track after winning the 10,000 m (Tom Duffy/Getty Images) The opening ceremony of the ‘Friendly Games’ had featured performances by schoolchildren and a Māori concert party. Next day, Canterbury runner Dick Tayler ensured the success of the Games with a surprise victory for the host nation in the 10,000 mContinue reading “First day of competition at Christchurch Commonwealth Games in 1974”

Below The World’s First Cast Iron Bridge: Half ‘n Half-Light

Originally posted on Tish Farrell:
I admit this is not a great shot of one of industrial history’s key artefacts, though you can just make out  the new rust-red livery of the ironwork. Obviously the thing that caught my eye here was the strange lighting effect between bridge and river. But for those of you…

NZ Pike River mine explosion kills 29 in November 2010…

Pike River mine explosion kills 29 November 19, 2019 Hutts Wonderful New World 19 November 2010 NZ South Island coal mine fatal explosions. Victims never exhumed. Flames burst from a ventilation shaft at the Pike River mine (Iain McGregor/Getty Images) The Pike River underground coal mine is high in the rugged Paparoa Range, on the WestContinue reading “NZ Pike River mine explosion kills 29 in November 2010…”

Christchurch wins the opinion battle over Wellington City in the population stakes…

By Peter Petterson Christchurch born and raised and proud of the fact: Any parochial nonsense as suggested by Phil Dickson, Boulcott, in the Dompost recently  has emanated from Wellington interests as they have for years. Wellington just hasn’t a population base to match its dreams and desires. Christchurch simply is a bigger city by populationContinue reading “Christchurch wins the opinion battle over Wellington City in the population stakes…”

Don’t go back to China Anne-Marie Brady…

NZ academic Anne-Marie Brady in global demand for insight into China’s influence. She doesn’t like their policies or tactics… Presented by Peter Petterson: When do we need to push back on China’s interference in our politics? JOHN McCRONE meets the academic willing to speak out. Canterbury University political science professor, Dr Anne-Marie Brady, is becoming a mite irritated.Continue reading “Don’t go back to China Anne-Marie Brady…”

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