Sir Richard John Seddon became NZ premier in 1893

SEE MORE ‘King Dick’ Seddon becomes premier on May 1 1893 Caricature of Sir Richard John Seddon, 1900 (Alexander Turnbull Library, A-122-002) Richard John Seddon became premier following the death of John Ballance. Immortalised as ‘King Dick’, Seddon dominated the New Zealand political landscape for the next 13 years. He remains this country’s longest-serving primeContinue reading “Sir Richard John Seddon became NZ premier in 1893”


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Both polymyalgia and fibromyalgia may cause?depression related to living with a painful chronic condition. According to the?Mayo Clinic, older adults, usually over age 65, are more likely to be diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica. It’s rare in people under age 50, but anyone can get #fibromyalgia at any age.…

Rewriting the stories of the Pasifika Coastwatchers during WW2

Started with an excellent television documentary last weekend: One of the best I have viewed for some time: First person – How Willie Cuthers set out to challenge foundational narratives of his ancestors and gain formal recognition for all WWII Pasifika coastwatchers. Pacific and Māori people are lazy, childlike, heathens and in need of saving. These were depictionsContinue reading “Rewriting the stories of the Pasifika Coastwatchers during WW2”

All Anzac Day commemorations cancelled in 2020

By Peter Petterson Because of the dangers of the Coronavirus, and for the first time in living memory there will not be any public dawn parades, RSA, RSL and other organised events held in New Zealand, Australia and Turkey to commemorate the ultimate sacrifices made by members of our defence forces since the landings ofContinue reading “All Anzac Day commemorations cancelled in 2020”

The Gallipoli Landing

The Landing at Anzac Cove From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Landing at Anzac Cove Part of the Gallipoli Campaign North Beach (north of Anzac Cove) looking south, Gallipoli, in 2014 Date25 April 1915LocationAnzac Cove, Gallipoli Peninsula, Ottoman TurkeyResultInconclusive; Allied forces established a beachhead, Turkish Army halted further progress (for time being) Belligerents  British Empire New Zealand Australia United Kingdom India  Ottoman EmpireContinue reading “The Gallipoli Landing”

How a Daniel Defoe book can teach us about Covid-19

Entertainment & Arts How a Daniel Defoe book can teach us about Covid-19 By Vincent Dowd: Arts correspondent, BBC News More than three hundred years ago London was in the grip of the Great Plague. The account of it most read today is A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe, creator of RobinsonContinue reading “How a Daniel Defoe book can teach us about Covid-19”

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