We had a great family Christmas Day this year in 2019

Christmas time in 2019 at Norris grove: by Peter Petterson We had a great Christmas Day in 2019. Everybody living in NZ attended Christmas dinner in Norris Grove in Taita, Lower Hutt. My eldest daughter and her two younger sons came up from Christchurch where they now live to be with us all. Actually sheContinue reading “We had a great family Christmas Day this year in 2019”

The case for Wellington City amalgamation

Opinion: Peter Petterson Lower Hutt city The case for amalgamation: There is a media generated belief that Wellington City has a population of 400;000 similar to Christchurch. It is actually barely more than half. They polled the region a few years back to establish support for a larger amalgamated city – but it was totallyContinue reading “The case for Wellington City amalgamation”

‘Apocalyptic’: New Zealand shrouded in smoke from Australian bushfires

New Zealand New Zealand glaciers turn brown from Australian bushfires’ smoke, ash and dust Snow-capped peaks and glaciers discoloured as former PM says ash could accelerate glacial melting Eleanor Ainge Roy in Wanaka @EleanorAingeRoy Snow and glaciers in New Zealand have turned brown after being exposed to dust from the Australian bushfires, with one expert saying the incident couldContinue reading “‘Apocalyptic’: New Zealand shrouded in smoke from Australian bushfires”

‘Birds that live on a golden mountain reflect the colour of gold’.

Originally posted on My Life as an Artist (2):
Wishing one and all a new year filled with the simple pleasures of peace, good health, and creativity.     Special thoughts go to my friends in Australia who are experiencing so many difficulties, and to the millions of others around the world who seek basic human…


NEW ZEALAND REPUBLIC: THE STRANGE OBSESSION WITH THE MAGNA CARTA – Discussion of a future NZ born head of state. We get a lot of feedback in this debate. As you’d expect, a lot of this feedback is negative, and as you’d expect, it can get very strident. One particularly odd theme is the numberContinue reading “THE STRANGE OBSESSION WITH THE MAGNA CARTA”

The evacuation of Anzac Forces in Gallipoli begins…

The evacuation of Gallipoli begins 15 December 1915 The evacuation of Suvla Bay by Geoffrey Allfree (Alexander Turnbull Library, A-176-003) In a well-planned operation, which contrasted sharply with those mounted earlier in the Gallipoli campaign, Allied forces successfully withdrew from Anzac and Suvla between 15 and 20 December. Following the failure of the August offensive, the BritishContinue reading “The evacuation of Anzac Forces in Gallipoli begins…”

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