My Life as an Artist (2)


The above photograph shows baby strollers left in a Polish railway station for Ukrainian mothers. Mothers who themselves are traumatised carrying their terrified children as they flee the horrors ofyet anotherwar!

This poignant line of baby strollers speaks a thousand words. It is all about fellow human beings/mothers/women understanding the plight and suffering that others are experiencing. Polish mothers opening their hearts and souls to Ukrainian mothers and children.

Mother and child – watercolour.

I do believe that if women had the sort of power that Putin and some other world rulers have – there would be fewer wars by far!

As women we have an almost animalistic love and protection mechanism built in so that when we have a child of our own we experience powerful emotions never felt before. If we choose. not to have children of our own we…

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Published by peter petterson

Father of four, grandfather of thirteen, and great-grandfather of eight. Resides in Taita, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. Living happily in retirement and enjoying the company of my many young descendants.

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