MY VIRTUAL TRIP TO Amish Country….Day 3

My Life as an Artist (2)

I mentioned in my first post that during the twenty three years that I lived in Chester County, Pa,  I lived in two houses built by The Amish.

This is the interior of one of them.    For those who have enjoyed  the film ‘Witness’ you will remember the ‘barn raising’ scene.     This house was raised in that fashion.       It is a post and beam structure made from solid oak.     The fireplace is built from field stone.

I used the upstairs area with the sky lights for my studio.

During the winter the stone chimney heated the whole house.

The house is a one and half hour drive from the farm where I am staying. with Jarrod and Kendle.

The large oil painting hanging over the fire place is one of a series of work I completed in the late eighties/early nineties…

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