Why is New Zealand so Sinophobic?

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WuhanRailwayCoronavirusCheck Travellers screened for body temperature in Wuhan Train Station during Coronavirus outbreak. CREDIT: China News Service 中国新闻网

The spread of a new Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China, has resulted in the death of many Chinese citizens. Understandably this has caused anxiety throughout the world as the virus and associated deaths have spread beyond China’s borders. The response to this outbreak amplified by the media has not only been fear of a new epidemic, but also a re-emergence of existing sinophobic (Anti-Chinese) hatred writes ISO member Brandon Johnstone.

Death toll headlines accompanied with images of Chinese faces in masks have arrived hand-in-hand with calls to close our borders, to deport all Chinese citizens, conspiracy theories that the virus is a weapon of the Chinese state and accusations that Chinese food and people are unhygienic and are to blame. While the average racist would argue their views are based on some empirical…

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Father of four, grandfather of thirteen, and great-grandfather of eight. Resides in Taita, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. Living happily in retirement and enjoying the company of my many young descendants.

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